Teccontathe mobile financial planner

Invoice creation example

Fast and easy document creation

The Tecconta app enables you to create invoice, estimate and receipt PDF documents fast and easily.

For maximum efficiency, you can store your company data displayed on the documents in your account and access your account from all smartphone devices.

Invoice PDF example

Presentable PDF documents

All invoice, estimate or receipt PDF documents can be send to your customers via  email, WhatsApp or other  services.

Customer list example

Customer base management

Store all your important customer contacts and data in the app and keep track of all your important business contacts.

Customer details view example

Detailed customer view

Check all customer data and past transactions you had with a customer in the customer details view.

Financial overview home screen example

Financial planner

Enter all your income and expenses in the transaction overview and keep track of your finances.


Sent invoices are automatically displayed as pending invoice amount.
An automatically calculated total shows you the monthly balance at any time.